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About Coty Perfume Brand

As one of the leaders in the perfumery industry, Coty has never stopped to surprise its clients with fabulous fragrances ever since the launch of the first one in 1904. Throughout the years, the company has launched various perfumes for women and men each of which is unique and totally captivating in its own way. Unravel the magic of the fragrances from the brand with our exclusive sale deals which give you an amazingly big discount. Now you have one more reason to shop for perfumes online.

The now multinational company was started in 1904 in Paris by Francois Coty. This was not his real family name. He changed it so that it would sound more French and more inspiring. This was actually one of the first of many brilliant marketing moves that he made. The young perfumer started his career as an apprentice and worked as a secretary to earn a living, but he would soon become one of the trend setters in the industry. According to experts, he revolutionized the world of fragrances in the early 20th century.

The first fragrance for women created by Coty in 1904 was called La Rose Jacqueminot. The young perfumer was not well known in Paris and his fragrance did not enjoy great success initially. What he did then was simply brilliant. He dropped a bottle of the perfume on the floor of the largest department store in Paris at the time and his stock was sold in minutes. La Rose Jacqueminot was such a great success that it made the young man a millionaire.

Coty was an innovator in every respect. He realised the importance of offering fragrances for women in beautiful bottles and attractive packages. He actually hired a famous ceramic artist and jeweller to create the bottles for his creations such as L'Effleur, L'Origan and Chypre. Chypre, an exotic Mediterranean-inspired fragrance, is one of the greatest hits of the brand. The perfumer brought yet another innovation. He started making fragrances for the working class. They had smaller bottles and more basic packages compared to the luxury ones and enjoyed a massive success.

The brand enjoyed considerable growth until the 1930's when it was affected by the Wall Street Crash. In 1963, the pharmaceutical giant Phizer acquired Coty and the brand was back on the road to success. The Imprevu and Masumi fragrance for women came out in the 1960's. The glam Complice, the funky Smitty and fresh Nuance for women debuted in the 1970's. In 1981, the brand launched its first fragrance for men called Stetson, which started a successful line continuing to the present day. The most notable women's perfumes of the brand from the 1980's include Sand & Sable, Sophia, Fatale and the disco inspired Ex`cla-ma`tion, which became the first fragrance of a modern and chic line.

During the 1990's, Coty launched a number of highly successful fragrances such as Nokomis, Ici and Puzzle for women and Avatar for men. In the 2000's the company introduced La Voce Renee Fleming and Desperate Housewives Forbidden Fruit for women among others.

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