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About Bill Blass Perfume Brand

The apparel of the Bill Blass label is easily recognised for its elegant and trendy appeal and for the great comfort which it provides. The designer brand has a wide range of products apart from menswear and women's wear. The label is widely recognised for its fragrances for men and women that reflect its preppy appeal. You have the unique opportunity to by designer perfumes from the brand at fabulously cheap stockist prices when you shop online. Enjoy elegance and luxury and save.

Bill Blass founded the brand which bears his name in 1970. He was born in Connecticut in the US in 1922. He was fascinated with fashion and with the glamour of the Hollywood stars as a child and drew sketches of outfits they would wear on the big screen and at the movie premiers. He moved to New York to study fashion at the age of 17. At the young age of 18, he became the first male designer who won the Design for Living award established by one of the leading fashion magazines at the time - Mademoiselle.

In 1942, Bill Blass joined the army to fight for the Allied forces in Europe. He returned to New York in 1946 to start his fashion career. In 1959, he became a designer for Maurice Rentner Ltd. In 1970, he bought the company from its owner and gave it a new name - Bill Blass Limited. He expanded his label in the next 30 years while continuing to create stylish and comfortable clothing for women and men. In 1999, the designer sold his business and retired. The designer who took over from Blass, Michaele Vollbracht, resigned in 2007 and was succeeded by Peter Som and Michael Bastian who create the women's wear and men's wear collections of the brand respectively.

The style set by the Bill Blass brand could be best defined comfortable fashion. He created garments which could be worn be women and men during the day and in the evening as well. His clothes where characterised by clean cut modern designs defining the silhouette and providing great flexibility and comfort. According to fashion experts, the designer was among the few who managed to understand his customers fully and to deliver what they wanted.

At present, the label offers a wide variety of products. It is well known for its swimwear line and for its opulent furs which are popular with the rich and famous. His luggage line offers the full range of accessories required by the modern traveller. The brand even has its own line of chocolates. Some of its most recognised products are its fragrances.

Bill Blass for Men, the first fragrance of the brand, was launched in 1970. It was followed by Bill Blass for Women in 1978. The brand introduced a number of successful fragrances during the 1990's - Basic Black, Hot and Nude for women. In the 2000's the brand launched Amazing for men and The Fragrance, Red, and the Couture series for women. Wood for men is the latest fragrance of the brand. It came out in 2011.

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