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About Betsey Johnson Perfume Brand

The fashion works of Betsey Johnson are known for their sheer opulence, richness, beauty and fabulous embellishments. They are feminine in the true sense of the world. The same is true for her fragrances for women. They are full of passion and energy and combine the elegance, freedom and sophistication typical for the modern woman. Now you can buy the perfumes created by the fashion designer at cheap stockist prices when you shop online.

Betsey Johnson is a US fashion designer born in Connecticut in 1942. As a child, she too ballet classes and was inspired by the gorgeous costumes worn by dancers. This early inspiration has always influenced her works. After graduating from college, she started her career in fashion as a guest editor of the influential Mademoiselle magazine. Soon after, she became an in-house designer of a trendy boutique in New York. The young designer quickly became part of the youth quake movement in fashion and entered the underground art circles.

The first boutique Betsey Johnson opened in 1969 was in the trendy Upper East Side neighbourhood of Manhattan. The 1970's were quite successful for the designer. She took control over the trendy Alley Cat fashion label and her debut collection produced a return of over 5 million dollars, according to reports. She got the Coty Award in 1972. In 1978, she started her own line of clothing. Even though the brand has had some tough periods, it has always delivered what its clients expect and has achieved major success and considerable expansion.

In 2004, the designer expanded her label's line to include handbags, scarves, hats and other accessories. In 2009, Betsey Johnson was awarded the Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement in Fashion of the National Arts Club of the United States. She has a bronze plaque on the Fashion Walk of Fame. Currently, her brand has over 65 stores in various countries worldwide.

The first fragrance created by Betsey Johnson was launched in 2006. The women's perfume bears the name of the designer herself. The package with flowers and animal print in yellow and pink attracts the attention with its playful charm. The bottle has a stylised feminine shape and an artistic opener. The blend of fruity, floral and woody accords is totally luxurious, womanly and sensual.

The second fragrance of Betsey Johnson Too Too debuted on the market in 2011. Both the perfume and the bottle have been inspired by ballet and the beauty and grace of the dancers. The bottle is in shape of a dancer wearing a ballet costume with a classic tutu in pink and black. The fragrance is fresh, fruity, spicy and sweet with patchouli being the leading note. This perfume line was continued in 2012 with Too Too Pretty. This fragrance has citrusy top notes, a rich white floral heart and a musky and woody base. It is made to drive men crazy.

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